Less days this month doesn’t necessarily mean less stress. I have a few things that need to be taken care of and they took a lot of my mind’s space. Sometimes it’s not up to me to make the decision and it’s frustrating. I didn’t even make bullet journal layout this month. No one is forcing me to write daily update on a journal, it’s something I chose to do. But lately I feel burdened that I have to open up that notebook and write something every night. I just had a lot of my mind that I don’t feel like worrying about daily log.

But thankfully, there were some real progress this month. One of which is Mama’s first cataract surgery. The second one is scheduled on April and so far she’s been recovering really well. Another progress took place just a few days after that. It felt like a rush and sudden, but I believe in God’s timing. 

Ah you know, just plopped down right in the middle of freshly made bed.
Also thankful for Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

In the end, I’m just really grateful with the timing and I have a few things to keep me busy. Sometimes it’s really tiring, but I guess that’s what make us human and it’s all worth being thankful for.

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