The pandemic is still raging, especially with the new variants. A lot more people from our closest circles were confirmed with COVID-19. Luckily, knowing I commute by train to work, my boss allowed me to work from home until the situation improves. We also signed up for a scheduled vaccination and got our first shot toward the end of June. Hopefully this will be an effective way to protect ourselves and others.  Loki also had flu and I managed to make him drink his medicine, thanks to this little tool. Lately he likes to sleep nearby when I’m still working or just browsing. Or when I watch a new episode of Loki. Hehe. #Lokiception

On a lighter note, Mama completed her initial eye checkups after the operation and it’s all good. Accompanying her to get her prescipted glasses, I was trying on glasses with blue light filter, and she encourage me to get a pair. The optician asked me to get my eyes checked. I was pretty confident because last year I got them checked at a different place and told me I’m doing fine. But then, I found it hard to read a couple tiny letters, and that’s when I knew. It’s not that bad and I can still see things pretty clear, but I use my glasses when I’m working on my laptop all day. So, I would like to make a remark that 2021 is the year I lost my 20/20 vision.

Time is a funny thing sometimes. Especially when you think of how it’s been a year since you experienced this kind of feeling, but now you’re feeling it with a completely different person. At the same time, I feel like everything goes by so quickly. So strange. But it’s all good and I don’t want to come down from this high.

This month’s empties! I’m just really happy if I managed to use a product to its last drop. Hehe. If you read this, I hope you’re doing well, whoever and wherever you are.

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