One word to describe to entitle last July as a chapter was ‘Loss’. I lost my best friend, Fani, from illness and we didn’t even know she was in the hospital for the last couple of days. Then I lost my uncle and neighbor, due to illness triggered by COVID. It’s hard to think that they’re no longer here, I can no longer talk to them, and maybe as time I goes by one day I’d forget their voices. Especially my best friend. Sometimes I think of somethink and instantly think of who I can share it with and my head goes, “I’m going to tell Fani about it,” before realizing… I can’t do that anymore. I couldn’t just text or call her and ask if we could meetup and go grab a meal together. She was a good friend, a good person, and I’m going to miss her so much. 

At one point during this raging pandemic, I think to myself, “If one day I got the virus, then so be it.” But that doesn’t mean I gave up or no longer following the health protocol required. I guess I was just tired from seeing the news and how our government handle things. I was just hoping, even if it happens, it wouldn’t be so severe. My mom was confirmed first and a few days later I got checked and my PCR result was confirmed positive. I’ve been working from home for the last few weeks, but it doesn’t matter how or where we got it. The main concern was my mom because she has asthma and we’re trying our best to keep her condition as fit as could be. For the very first few days, I felt as if I was dying. Little activities made me feel really tired and my breath was getting short easily. We both also had anosmia, which everyone said was apparently a good sign because it indicates milder symptoms. Well, my mom’s cough was a riot, but thankfully, we’re getting through it and are pretty much alright now after a little more than two weeks.

My clingy son.

Even with all of those pains, I feel like I still have so many things to be grateful for and a lot more things to look forward to. Thank God for our health (and sense of smell and taste!) gradually going back to normal. And thank God for this man.

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