Last August, I pretty much only took photos of my cats and my foods. Getting my sense of smell and taste means my appetite is also increasing. I may need to work on that, but anyway, I’ve been eyeing this shop that sells Mexican food on GrabFood around my area and finally get to try it. They’re tasty! 

I also got breakouts on my face, which was confusing because I was sure nothing change on my skincare regiments. But then I was like… wait. I changed the serum with a different variant LAST MONTH, and the breakouts were located all over my face and a bit on my decolletage. I’m not sure if the effect really took that long to show or some combination with other product caused it. I stopped using those two products and decided to only use face wash and essence. And thankfully, the breakouts stopped. Back to the acne scars and all of those texture, but that’s fine. So, pardon me for the shameless selfie, I’m just really happy it stopped before it got worse than it was. Hahahaha

Something exciting is happening this month!

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