Oh, September… where do I begin?

In short, I got engaged. Hired a photographer to capture the moment, my aunt for the catering, and do the makeup myself. Then a few weeks later, I bring him to meet my father’s family. Maybe one day I’ll share the stories of how we met and all that stuff, but not in the near future. For now I will be focusing on staying sane from juggling jobs and starting small steps of planning a wedding. I feel like I could write a whole separate post about my concerns on this.

On another note, my friend got really anxious now that I’m engaged, afraid that I’ll be taken off somewhere soon. But, honestly, where do you think I’ll go? Hahaha. So we set a date to meet up and I’m so glad that we both managed to meet as she’s now in a long haul job away for the next few months. 

One of our co-worker resigned this month and per tradition, we stuffed our tummy with good meals on his last day at our office. 

I’m waaay behind the schedule for my reading challenge and I’m still reading the same book I started last week. Still a progress, right? I also have stopped making/writing on bullet journal since a few months ago, if anyone wondering. Maybe I just need a break. I do love making the layout, and no one is pushing me to do it, but I can’t get rid of the feeling that it started to feel like an obligation.

So yeah, that’s my September. How’s yours, folks?

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