One of the hardest parts of resigning from my first job was saying goodbye to my co-workers. I’ve always heard that work-life is tough and you may not get ‘real friends’. But that’s not the case for me. Working for two years, I met these girls and they’re some of my best friends to date. We may not always check up on each other, but we had good times back then, and we still care a lot about each other. We finally meet again this month, so we caught up while eating like we always do hahahaha. So good to see them again.

Finally took Mama to see No Time To Die. She’s been asking if the movie’s been released ever since they just started the production. And it’s not hard to decide that Daniel Craig is our favorite Bond.

This month I also went for a staycation with my co-workers from my current office. We just need a break from work-related things. Even though it’s tiring organizing and making sure we’ve got the food supplies needed, it was a nice refresher. The villa we stayed in has a swimming pool. I just really wanted to go for a swim after making dinner, but everyone else has swum while we were busy in the kitchen. It was raining a little that night and everyone was against my idea of jumping into the pool, saying I should just wait until morning. I mean, I know I’ll swim again the next day, but I also want to do it right then. So it was like a challenge when they’re like, “Are you for real?” and I said, “Yeah”. We went down and had a good night swam around for maybe about half an hour at 11 pm. 

The boyfriend turns 30 this October and I like teasing him that he’s an old man now, knowing full well that we’re only three months apart. I can’t believe it’s already November and how far things have changed.

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