On the first few days of December it was like, “Let’s finish all of this! We still have time until the end of December!”, not sure who’s “we” in that sentence. But by the middle of the month I took things slow. I didn’t even understand the need to rush. The new year will be just another weekend, especially with the travel limit and restrictions. The deadline will just continue next week, right? I remind myself to take things slow. Except for my reading challenge. 

Last book of 2021.

In 2021, I set to read 21 books and I was so close to getting it done! It still felt realistic to do and seriously, I was that close. So… I went to the bookstore (again), this time getting some thinner books. I admit that I cheated a little by listening to two short story audiobooks, but I did it!! I guess one of the tricks is to mix shorter books, fiction and non-fiction. My boyfriend asked why do I need to set the numbers and more importantly if I enjoy the reading activities while trying to accomplish the challenge. I think for a moment before answering him. Knowing myself, I’d be slacking off. Setting a certain number of books to read give me a push and motivation to actually read. I told him that and told myself to enjoy the activity more instead of feeling like it’s some kind of obligation.

I also got to meet some of the people I’ve been working with since last year for the first time! And of course there’s Spider-Man: No Way Home. It’s really nice to come back to the movie theater and the movie end up being as good as we expected. And oh, this guy. One of his songs was on my Spotify mix and I just fell in love. I think it was still early in 2021 and I just can’t stop listening to his album and see his live performance on YouTube. It’s one of those musicians you discover accidentally and you fondly keep to yourself, not sure wanting to share them with the world. But yeah, he shifted my other favorite artists and songs, and he really deserves so much more. So, now I’m just going to recommend you to listen to Tamino and his incredible debut album, Amir.

The year 2021 went by in a blink of an eye, but when I look back at the joy and perils, it also feels like a long time has passed. I lost a dear friend without a chance to say goodbye, didn’t even know she was sick. I lost a dear uncle from COVID and his comorbid. On the other hand, I found a home in a person I’ve meet a few months ago. I’m honestly really nervous, but also looking forward to more good things we could do together going forward. 

May the lost, fear, confusion, exhaustion, and anxiety gave us strength to grow. Alright, 2022, let’s do this!

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