Into the holy month of Ramadan this year, I find myself struggle to keep my mind off a certain person. I know it’s probably because I haven’t forgive what they did, but how could I? I realize I’m just a weak ass softie sometimes and that’s okay. Maybe one day I’ll be able to look back and say, “What you did was not right, but I forgive you.” But for now, I couldn’t bring myself to wish them well. I think it’s still an ongoing process. And for the first step, I am trying to forgive and stop blaming myself for those things I can’t control. 

Wow, what am I, the Winter Soldier? Hehehehe.

Speaking of the Winter Soldier, I entered a quiz on Disney+ Indonesia on Twitter, right before they released the series. I was so determined to be one of the lucky 100 winners, but then I was surprised to be one of the first batch of winners. They sent me a notebook and a keychain from the official merchandise line. It has both side, with each of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier logo. I was hoping that I would get the hoodie or tote bag, but hey, I’m just as happy as could be with this! The series itself was great and the finale, oh my… *chef’s kiss* I’m sad that it’s over, but also excited of what’s to come in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I rarely made a request, but I really want this Kolak Pisang and Mama made it for me a day before the surgery.

Right before Ramadan, Mama underwent the second procedure for her cataract. It went really well and she wasn’t as anxious as the first one. She also got fully vaccinated by the end of April, with a month apart after the first dosage. I’m a proud and happy daughter! She started this weird thing where she put the stickers we get after every hospital visit (temperature check at entrance) on our banister. 

Met my friends at the beginning of the month and had an awesome all you can eat meal. We ended up doing a bit of groceries shopping and laughed about it. How did we go from doing homework to buying baby and household stuffs together? Hahahaha. A few weeks later we also get to meet Ekki and Aisya’s daughter for the first time ever! She was born last year when the pandemic just hit and we’ve seen her grow from social media. Another first thing, I went to see a movie for the first time since the pandemic. I can’t believe I got all excited seeing a movie about a giant lizard fighting off a giant ape in the movie theater. I miss that place so much.

I only read one book this month. Goodreads tells me I’m still on track to read 21 books this year, so yeah, wish me luck and give me your book recommendation! I’m afraid, but I’m itching for a change and I might have to jump all in to feel ready to embrace it.

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