I stopped writing in my journal again this month and I’m actually enjoying this little break. Two weeks into May I realize that I haven’t even started the layout and I decided that I’d just make a long summary. 

This year marked the second Ramadan during the pandemic. I get to spend most of it with my co-workers as we’re all back working from office now. There’s not so many food options for Iftar in our office area so we had a horrendous amount of deep fried stuffs and end up with sore throat for a few days. A few days before the short holiday, our friend Mella sent over coffee and brownies from her cafe, Stock Iced Coffee. We also ordered a lot of foods for last Iftar at work, but somehow still end up with gorengan as one of the menu. Hahahaha.

This month’s empties!

There’s so much going on and I don’t know where to start. But to put it simply, I met someone who puts the smile back on my face and make me feel all sorts of fuzzy feelings. I’m kind of lost for words and I’m going to focus on the good things for now.

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