New Blog and 2019 So Far

Hello, people and/or bots of the Internet! I am so excited to finally have a new blog. So first of all, the credits go to my bro cousin who helped set this up for me. Thank you, Kak Hafizh. I can’t help but think of how his father used to help my mother for school matters and now he’s helping me with this blog. 

A little story… I’ve had my blog at Blogspot since 2011, like many others who were inspired by Raditya Dika and his success of Kambing Jantan blog and book. A lot of photos and stories years later, I was just tired of it. I need a change. I need to feel excited again about making a blog post. I’m usually excited at first. But in the process, it took so long to make the post to look just right. My attempts to import the blog to WordPress failed until I asked Kak Hafizh about web domain and hosting and he decided to take matters to his own hands. Hahaha. You can still access my old blog right here. Apologies if some photos are no longer available.

And about this blog, I’m still not sure about a lot of things. It will be some kind of a photo journal and I intended to use my camera more often. I will also still post in English and Bahasa Indonesia. As for the rest, I’ll figure it out along the way.

For the first post, I tried to collect photos from each month of 2019. But apparently, I took so many photos of my cats and selfies I didn’t even post. And it will take so much time to get through it. So, let’s just recap this year through these photos from the Huji Cam photo app.


Cats vs durian

Met Lily after a long while and catch up on our lives. Started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine after reading reviews about it. One Tumblr user commented on a post that I’m like Rosa so I have to see it myself. And oh my God, she’s my spirit animal! But you know, prettier and more badass, and more financially stable. Remember when she just destroyed her apartment after the whole squad has to stay there for the night?


This would be the time I started to grow affection for Cody Fern. Saw him on an article about his look on the Golden Globe red carpet and couldn’t take my eyes off him ever since. Hahaha. So I watched The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Horror Story because American Horror Story: Apocalypse was not yet available on Netflix. It was good. Darren Criss performance was superb!

February was also filled with food and friends! Went to Bogor to meet Imel and Ira and had a culinary trip. Too bad Ochi couldn’t make it. And the following I meet up with the girls at an all you can eat restaurant that we left with a full tummy and smoky-scent hairs. 


We threw a little farewell party for our co-workers who were resigning around the same time. Then it was time for the annual Big Bad Wolf book festival. It’s super crowded and they have a lot of food tenants this year, so needless to say, I only stayed for a couple of hours. Went to the Sounds Project with Khara. I was there mainly to see .feast, I’ve been listening to their songs a lot. It was chaotic. The audience was louder than the music performance, but it was good. Funny thing, there were playing “Minggir!” as we went through the crowd to get a better view.


Pack things up and realize I have a lot of pens.

Two of my best friends gave birth. Here’s Fany meeting with my best friend’s son. And of course, by the end of the month, it was time for Avengers: Endgame. Went to see it in IMAX with my best friend and cousin, those little Marvel junkies. Around the same time, we tore our house down and renovate it to be a two-story house. 


I had mixed feelings seeing our house being torn down. And I think we all can agree that we have mixed feelings about that Game of Thrones finale. But at least that night was fun, seeing that last episode with a few of my best friends. We also voted for the new president in April. My office is located nearby the General Election Commission a.k.a KPU’s headquarter. So when they were still counting the votes there were a lot of guards around.



The house was about halfway done. And sometimes I’m sick of the limited space we have on our temporary place. At least the cats were fine though Luna (not pictured here) had flu and I had to force-feed his medicine.


I basically forgot about Huji in July. But! The renovation was pretty much done in the middle of July. The house still needs a lot of fixes and organizing here and there until the next two months, but we moved back in by the end of July. It feels weird to call the new house our home. It looks completely different and I knew it would take time to feel like home again.


We started to get used to our new place and how our routines change a bit. I finally watched Mindhundter after I read that season 2 is streaming August 16. I’ve wanted to see it ever since they announce the first season because Jonathan Groff is in the lead role and David Fincher is the executive producer and directed a few episodes?! Sign me up! Finished season 1 just in time before the second season premiered and I just love this series and characters. But mostly Bill Tench. Do you watch this series, too? Do you like Bill Tench in a trench coat as much as I do?


And somehow it’s September… Went to karaoke with Khara, Mei, and Britney last week.

Let’s see how the rest year goes as I tweak and learn more this blog! Hehehe…

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