Slow Days

Just when we thought we might have a good chance of escaping this global pandemic slowly but surely at the later months of 2020, the numbers are spiking up again; it’s ridiculous. I stay hopeful, but it’s straining a lot of factors in our lives. I feel like I’m living in constant fear, but at the same time still trying to be optimistic and hopeful. 

Anyway, these are photos from last weekend. After quite a hectic workweek, the weekend was slow. I sometimes hate that my mother seems to always be in cleaning mode when she knows I’m free, but this time, I agree it was much needed. We changed the bedsheets, vacuum the bed, change the curtains, and have someone to rearrange the plants. We have a few new plants for the tiny garden area. Any suggestions are welcome because, as you can see, the plants were withered just a few days after we took it home. 

Loki found a new favorite spot to nap behind the floor-length curtain. This one was not ours, for the others we have were not that long. It was swapped when we took it to the laundry, but at least someone’s having fun with it.

I have flu and sore throat that would subside and come back again, so I’m trying my best to stay healthy and not stressed out. But most of all, I hate how it puts more distance and restriction to see my loved ones. Hang in there. I’ll see you soon.

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