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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

In case you didn’t know I’m really into superhero movies, especially the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And if you must know, Thor is my favorite Avenger (even before his glorious entrance at Wakanda in Infinity War, mind you). But there are other characters that I really love as well such as Loki and Bucky Barnes. At this point, I don’t even know which one I like more, the character a.k.a Bucky or the actor a.k.a Sebastian Stan himself. 

So, I’m just dropping by to say that I can’t believe we’re getting a TV series about Bucky (and that falcon guy)! The final trailer from a few days ago was also really great like it was actually made for a big blockbuster. I even caught it once on national TV. Another exciting thing is I’m participating in this quiz held by Disney+ Indonesia, hoping I’ll win some merchandise. We’ll see.


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